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  • Notice on Prevention and Treatment of New Coroavirus

    time:2020-01-26    view:

    Dear All,
    In view of the current new coronavirus epidemic situation in China, the following information is listed for all the students' attention.
    a. Don’t go to the areas with high incidence of disease, especially Wuhan City, Hubei Province.
    b. Avoid going to crowded places, especially airless areas.
    c. Leaving Shenyang or returning from other cities in China, please report to the tutors in advance, and register to the dormitory office.
    d. Don’t go to live poultry, fresh market and ensure healthy diet.
    e. Often wash hands with soap or hand-sanitizer, and wear masks when you go out.
    f. In case of persistent fever or other conditions, please timely seek medical advice in public hospital.
    g. Outsiders are not allowed to enter into the apartments.
    Thank you.

    Official Websites to follow up the latest update:


    In addition, for your own safety, LNCU needs to know your current situation, every international student, please scan the QR code below and finish the poll. Please take it seriously, thanks.

    Insurance company phone number:010-59131240
    Office number: +86 024-89745600
    David Xu: +86 15040238499
    Karida Chen: +86 18941741798
    Tony Tong: +86 18604018815
    Danny Hu: +86 13841030001
    William Wang: +86 15040329475
    Liaoning Communication University
    International Education College